Innovation caused by climate change fear? Innovation caused by climate change fear?

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ARTICLE : The cause is more or less caused by the developed world that wants subservience from the developing world by giving out new fears so that their hegemony stands established . I am afraid the evidence is so overwhelming that the jury need not go out to determine the situation for themselves . They have done this perpetually in the case of mad cow disease whereby they had been using nutrients that were never determined to be used in that manner .

If the rendition is of the nutrient system is based on the excreta of the animal what else do you expect . Sooner or later, the symptoms that will manifest will be that the animals mind would have all kinds of mental dementia . Then came the fear of bird flu and some of the relatives of the last and late PM made a hefty amount based on the fact that he was a poultry dealer . Others made money, but he made the most . Then came swine flu and before that dengue fever, human related fears . The evidence on all these counts was very thin but the hype was there . The Western media played this fear .

You will realise that all these fears are somehow related to agriculture and the food security-directly or indirectly . The latest threat was from the so-called UG-99, a fungal disease that supposed to play havoc with the wheat and it is supposed to be at our doorstep for the last three years . Why has it not entered
Pakistan borders so far? Were the doors closed? When fungal spores are there, no one can stop these spores for to move they only require the appropriate climate and then nothing can stop it . These are digressions that have been used by the colonial powers that ruled this sub-continent and now these very powers are using these ploys to keep the developing countries from surging forward .

The climate change scenario is also the same . What does science tell you? It tells you that the axis of the earth has tilted more and, therefore, the rays of the sun are likely to strike the earth at different angles and to pollute the world more they have come to the conclusion that there will be ice melt, there will be desertification, though what the basis is for this is not known .

Kyoto conference and subsequent meetings of the world body have listed the various ways in which this will affect nation states . They will tell us that China and India are the world s biggest polluters . We will believe all this because we do not and cannot ask them to look at themselves . What about the latest oil spill? Pakistan and the developing world are responsible for BP s mistakes .

Whatever that may be but should this be taken seriously . We know that temperatures have risen over the last ten years . We know that there is scarcity in natural resources . There will be and there is water shortage but that can be taken care of . This might come as a surprise, but the green revolution is responsible for the lands becoming toxic . Sixty plus years of chemical agriculture has led us to this form of defeating ourselves and there is no way we can fully and sustain ably food secure . Population has been held out to be a major drawback .

The West had conjured that that was our major mistake and they started the family planning process and the demand for preventive sex came into play . Yet we have had AIDS and we have had HIV, both contagious and deadly . The Western pharmaceuticals have made a killing on this . Before we went in for piped supply, we never had hepatitis? Why did we have it now? The CDA had a technical director but that is a long story .

Having made this convincing argument, let us move to the world of agriculture innovation and see what is possible? What is possible is what we want to decipher? First let me put everything in agriculture on its head by stating that there is no Banjar Qadeem and there is no bad water . That means that even seawater is useable under certain given conditions . Any land that has not been put to use is due to our limitations of the mind .

There are enough land and water resources and the current argument is incorrect and I will tell you why? The efficiency of water is only 22% and that is the best amongst us . The continuous use of chemical fertiliser as mentioned earlier has converted our soils to a sieve and incapable of holding to water in the plant zone . The HVS that were responsive to the farmer s requirement has turned out to be beneficial to the corporate sector of the West . N and DAP went to inflationary prices and the budget was made lopsided a glaring example of what the West s corporate sector can do to a developing country when it suits them . There is a long litany of economic imperialism .

Since fear is now with us how about shifting to the original organic agriculture . There is nothing to fear for the mouths can be fed by these sources . The production system has been taken to the capitalistic mode and this is now available at five sites at Rs 100 per bag of 50 kg . Ten bags would cost you 1000 rupees . Bad for the chemical industry . The last time we used it we had wheat yield of in two successive years 5 . 5 tons and 4 . 8 tons per hectare and this in rain fed conditions .

The water sources can be augmented by bio-redemption and the experiment successfully carried out at Kasur [heavy metal], Chak Shahzad water at NARC and the demonstration goes on . You are welcome to see it . The solution is not engineering but biological . The engineers gave us LBOD? Remember? Remember the colossal loss due to the design fault and the saline water in the system . Its early days but a preliminary survey [without expensive consultants] by the bio-redemption personal of PARC indicates that the 541 mile LBOD can be cleared through bio-redemption . So how much water will be available to the farmers that have suffered at the hands of the engineers? It carries 40000 cusecs of saline water to the
Arabian Sea . What if that is made available to the farmers in less than 6 months and at a cost that is minimal to the nation? So the engineering intervention is not the last word . PARC personal have been able to do so with the heavy metals and the only area that requires clearance is the hospital waste as that has complex compounds used for the cure of the human body .

If water is available, then the aspect that is one of the major constraints is removed . The next constraint is temperatures . PARC experimentation is now going on with respect to managing temperatures . What do you think is the sunlight required for production of food by the plant? Guess . The temperatures are maintainable through plants that allow filtered light to come in . The other alternative is to grow such plants as fix nitrogen in an east to west contour and then plant the crop in between . The temperatures are maintained and the experiment showed that the yield at the farmer s field was more in the orchard then in the open field .

But come to high delta crops - sugarcane comes to mind . Well now there are twenty identified plants in the country that can provide sugar as sweeteners to the general public . Factory sugar is no longer needed . The other experiment that is going on is that you may have sugarcane crop from saline water . Those more than 38 crops can now be grown with seawater . We have not been fair to ourselves and have allowed the West to play us down .

The intervention in efficiency in horticulture will mean that the mango plant will not be higher than the shoulder of the farmer and that means that the farmer can plant 576 plants per acre . The plant will start fruiting in two years . Experiments are in the field . These are doing well, though the results will have to come here at any time . The pear plant, similarly, is as high as the waist and is planted as a hedge . There will be more than 970 plants to an acre . They should fruit in one year . The experimentation is on-the results are awaited .

I can go on and on . The point I want to emphasise is that the freedom to mistakes is yours . You are afraid of mistakes then there is no future for us . The fig plant is no higher that of your knee and is fruiting the very first year . The guava is now in experimentation phase . The idea is to have efficient plants that can use the water efficiently and with a lot of efficacy .

Let climate change come . Can you predict proactively? You cannot . So do not play God . Understand the micro and the macro climate and then take action on the basis of probability not scientific certainty . Learn about risk taking . Learn to take action in harmony with nature . We are in
Islamabad and do we not see how nature has been raped . Are we blind? Is it not one of your civil engineers that have engineered an engineering debacle? We have made our own climates of all kinds . Why seek resources from elsewhere . Where is our pride?

Nothing is in the realm of impossibility? The highest mountain can be climbed, the deepest ocean crossed and we have many miles to go and many rivers to cross . You come with me . Many more mouths can be fed .
Pakistan s natural resource is a function of the mind and if the mind is stagnant, then there is failure all round .

As a provocation can you catch the wind-can you make an elephant fly - can you grow rice without standing water and increase the yield to three times of basmati rice . Can you . . . can you . . . and can you try putting agriculture on its head . There is so much to do . We have yet to pay our debts to this nation or will we leave it as a country .

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