Rahman Malik knows nothing about anything

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"Rahman Malik has done it again!"

"If you are referring to issues of law and order or drug related deaths let me tell you that all these are provincial matters, if you are referring to lawlessness in Balochistan then know that foreign forces are involved, if you are referring to the drone strikes then its these dratted Americans and if...""Who are the external forces involved in disrupting law and order in Balochistan? Indian?""The Interior Minister maybe willing to admit that but doesn't want it to be raised bilaterally or in a multilateral forum.""Why? The Indians raise issues related to Pakistan everywhere.""Well the Interior Minister will raise all these issues at an appropriate time.""When will the appropriate time come? He has a whole range of issues that he has been saying for the past four years he will reveal to the public and so far nothing - issues related to domestic politicians and to foreign powers.

I am beginning to think he knows nothing about anything.""They say he knows about what really matters to his party leadership.""That is what?""The party leadership respects the courts but is unwilling to....""I give up but when I said Malik has done it again I was referring to a complete blockade of the Blue Area hours before the Prime Minister was scheduled to arrive in the Supreme Court.""He may opt for an under kill where yours and my security is concerned, or our inability to reach our workplaces or indeed our very well being but he is hyper sensitive to his bosses and he is ready to go for an overkill for his Prime Minister.""What ever do you mean?""The phones were jammed, the traffic was stalled hours before the PM's appearance in the court, there was mayhem everywhere.""Why were we made to suffer? Surely we didn't summon the PM to court?""Well maybe all of us who suffered for the second time in less than a month would now not be in favour of a summons to Gilani.""Don't be facetious."

Courtesy: Business Recorder

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