APTMA rejects anti-export move

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Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Mohsin Aziz while rejecting regulating raw cotton and yarn exports on demand of valued-added textile manufacturers, said that the move was totally unjustifiable.

Speaking at a press conference here at APTMA house on Friday, he said that the regulation of raw cotton and yarn exports at the behest of a few influential people would bring negative impacts on the job intensive sector of textile.

Flanked by Central Vice Chairman Raza Kuli Khan Khattak, and KP Chairman Mohammad Taimur Shah, he said that the Pakistan cotton production was increased from 11.5 to 12 million bales, whereas around 14.5 million bales have already arrived.

He further added that the flash flood in Sindh province had destroyed nearly 2.5 million bales.Regarding the approach of Pakistan Apparel Forum (PAF), and Pakistan Bedwear/Knitwear Exporters Association (PBEA) for regulating of raw cotton and yarn exports in light of Indian ban on raw material exports, he said that the move was totally based on selfish motive to curb exports by putting ban instead of exports to get raw material than international market prices.Referring to ban on raw cotton exports imposed by India, APTMA chief said the India gradual decrease cotton production from 33 million bales to 25 million bales, whereas Pakistan production ratio doubled as compared to India.

He maintained that Indian government step was to mere safeguard local industrial sector.

When, India had imposed ban on export raw cotton material last year, which was drastically reduce size of crop, he said and added that about 33 million bales hadn't dropped.

These curbs added reduce cotton in India, while their farmers are depriving of their genuine return and country became an unreliable.APTMA chief said that regulation ban on yarn which was placed 2009-10 on the behest of some influential elements, saying that the yarn is available in surplus quantity in the country.

Whereas, he said the value-added industry in the line with international requirement thus need to put their houses in order rather asking for unjustified relief and curbs.In order avoid with fallen of exports and get gains of However, he said that India is also considering and reviewing the decision after global concern over it.

He said that the textile sector is contributing US $24 billion in exports and APTMA share in this exports is around 50 percent of the total export and happened to be larger exports and APTMA believe on free trade, market access mechanism and against any kind of curb and control.Aziz said the government is talking about access to EU market and free trade and export, while regulation of the sector was tantamount to curb on International trade and exports.

He said the EU market access goal can't be achieved under such policies.

Currently, he informed that Pakistan exports to European states stands at US $4 billion, including yarn, clothes, and garment.APTMA chief said that farmers are backbone and have great role in industrial growth.

He added that they had always tried to protect and safeguard their rights and to give equal and fair prices to them.

He said APTMA objects as fair return to farmers and fair return to all sectors, including yarn manufacturer and growers, and all other sectors.He said that the Indian step would only benefit spinners but the farmers mere consider as sellers, saying that the farmers are protested and rendered suicide in neighbouring India.

Regarding the acute shortage of electricity and gas supply, he said that about 20 percent textile exports had declined with average US $1 billion.

Courtesy: Business Recorder

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