No marked change in commodities' prices due to disturbed trade activity

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From International Desk - Special Reports

Commodities world-wide during outgoing week acted in a polite manner imported by bumper crop and good words expressed about regenerating economy by renowned economists like.

Bernanke and White House experts.

However, on the opening day Karachi market found dearth of interest in guwar as buyerswere generally sidelined for high cost - such as the stuff from Sindh and Punjab were quoted sharply higher by Rs 600 to Rs 30,000 and Rs31,000.

Gur low type was down by Rs 100 to Rs 4400, while the other type was down Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

Cottonseed oilcakes in Sindh with bag low quality lost Rs 50 to Rs 400, while the other type gained Rs 75 to Rs 775.On Tuesday Karachi was thoroughly disturbed due to the killing of two lawyers.

The transport was off roads with fear of burning and dearth of passengers.On Wednesday the wholesale markets continued lacklustre, as city's law and order situation kept retailer guessing whether to go round buying commodities at dreaded cost.

Thus changes were few and far between one being cottonseed cakes with bag Sindh low type which depicted sharp rise by Rs 190 to Rs 600 due to good demand while the other type followed suit which gained Rs 10 to Rs 750.On Jodia Bazar chemical items sodium sulphate ended higher by 75 paisa to Rs 17.25, caustic soda flake Saudi dipped by Rs 5 to Rs 70, N.J.

Taiwan ended lower by Re 1 to Rs 234, formic acid Germany quoted at Rs 129 and citric acid from China quoted at Rs 116.On Thursday globally speaking markets were moving slightly downward, particularly edible oil : prominent being Canola in Canada which ended down after keeping firm for quite sometime in support of Malaysian palm.

Commodities like sugar, wheat, rice have been available in one or the other part ready for delivery.

Commodities showed by and large easiness world wide with a few scarcely known otherwise.

Speaking with heavy heart the trading on local markets was nearly zero as city witnessed another closed day due to law and order situation persisting.

Transport was out of road for retailers to carry heavy loads after purchase.On Friday as usual no transaction was reported because of Juma, city situation was an added factor.On Saturday again allmarkets remained closed for a political party had given a call to observe the day as mourning day for it's murdered workers.

Courtesy: Business Recorder

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