2,000 illegal gas connections cut off in Baldia Town locality

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Karachi : The Surveillance and Monitoring Department (S&M) of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) raided a thickly populated Katchi Abadi in Baldia Town and disconnected some 2,000 illegal connections on Wednesday.


According to a SSCC official, the S&M team accompanied by the Customer Relation Department personnel discovered that some 3,000 houses located in Dawood Bachani Goth were illegally using gas through rubber pipes by directly taking connections from the meters. The raiding party also noticed widespread leakages from direct meters that pose huge risk for the area residents.


The SSGC team faced stiff resistance from the area residents using the gas illegally, however, it went on cutting off the illegal connections.


In order to check unauthorized consumption, the SSGC is installing bulk meters in the area that will help calculate the quantity of stolen gas.


The SSGC team asked the residents facing problems in paying bills to visit the gas utility offices for resolving their issue of clearing their dues in installments as well as for restoring their meter connections.


However, the SSGC did not motion whether any arrest was made during the raid or any fine was imposed for gas theft.


The raiding party was led by Lt. Col. Shoaib Ahmed, DGM (S&M), Mehmood Suleri, DGM (S&M) and Zubair Qayuum, DCM (S&M).


The SSGC said that the gas theft and leakages contribute substantially to the rising UFG (unaccounted for gas) levels that have in turn affected the gas utility’s bottom line. “In monetary terms, every one per cent increase in UFG reduces SSGC’s profits by Rs1.3 billion plus the cost of the gas,” it added.


A day earlier, the Customer Relations Department (CRD) of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) had conducted a raid against the direct use of gas at the thickly populated Al-Asif Square in Sohrab Goth.


According to an SSGC official, the team found out that the gas worth Rs5 billion (37,220 million cubic feet) was being stolen on yearly basis in and around Al-Asif Square, which forced the gas utility to launch a major crackdown in the locality.


The raiding team disconnected 500 domestic lines that were taking gas directly through rubber pipes, besides cutting off the connections of 15 restaurants that were using direct domestic connection illegally.


It also disconnected a number of sewing factories that had been running heavy generators through such illegal connections.


The Al-Asif Square Residents Association cooperated fully with the SSGC team and informed them that the residents were facing tremendous issues in paying their gas bills and in getting their domestic connections restored.


General Manager CRD Mujtaba Ahmed announced that the SSGC will set up a camp office in the area for at least two days a week to help the residents pay their bills through easy installments as well as promptly settling their meter restoration problems.


He said the consumers whose connections were cut off for failing to pay bills or using gas directly could clear their bills in the bank and produce them before the SSGC staff for getting their gas connections restored the same day.


The CRD team noticed that the meters fixed inside the flats were in extremely bad shape and suggested to the association to clean up the meters on regular basis. The SSGC did not mention how many culprits were arrested during the raid.

Courtesy:  The News

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