67th Prize Bond Draw Rs 15000/- are available now.


The 66th draw of  denomination Rs. 200 is being held today on Wednesday, July 04, 2016 at QUETTA .

According to a spokesman of the National Savings, the first prize for Prize Bond of Rs. 15000 is Rs  30,000,000/- while the 2nd prize of Rs 10,000,000/- each will go to five lucky winners. he added.

Big Prizes of Rs. 15000


1st  Prize of Rs: 30,000,000/- Prize Bond Number 940031

2nd Prize of Rs: 10,000,000/- Prize Bond Numbers 022408 092424 560730

Complete results of other prizes are available now.

See Price Bond HERE. You can check your Prize Bonds online as complete results are available with us Here, Like you can also check Prize Bond schedule for 2016 Here.


Virtual Vault:

You can also save your bonds in Virtual Vault and check them after every draw with easy, no need to enter your data again and again.