Bilour proposes confederation with India

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In my today’s article focus is on the statement by Ghulam Ahmed Bilour , an A N P figure, who is illustrious Minister of Railways in whose time the Railways has become the most inefficient service ever in the history since it was put on the rails in- was it in 1862 by the British regime.

Once the joke used to be about P I A –perhaps I arrive- this is now more suitable for the Railways. In some countries like Japan where the concept of shame is so acute that a Minister would resign if his ministry acquired the image of the most incompetent organization or the service which the Minister headed – but here we are more legalist.

But in today’s article I did not wish to talk of his brilliant record as Railway minister but as a stalwart of an stalwart of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the “frontier Gandhi” who till his death opposed creation of Pakistan and when he died he willed that he be buried in the free territory of Jalabad. His disciples remain loyal to his teachings which was reflected in the demand for creation of Pakhtunistan ideas and ideals which took the shape of their demand for naming the Suba Sarhad as Pakhtun Khwa Khyber and which they achieved by the courtesy of Zardari-Nawaz Sharif. It was creation of this ethnic named province that opened the flood gate for the demand of more ethnic provinces. Now Bilour has jumped to propose an virtually Indian Confederation of four subordinate uints, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Afghanistan - and I will explain why it means reviving Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Akhund Bharat –now that Pakistan did come into existence.

Let us quote what exactly he said and then analyze it: At Lahore he said Only a Confederation of Pakistan, India, Bangla Desh, Afghanistan, on the pattern of European Union can help promote peace tranquility, and brotherhood, and eventually ensure development and progress in the region. Right now people will oppose my proposals…” If European states can shake hands after fighting two world wars , why cant we? He mentioned that the idea of some people who wanted to conquer India, and now the peace movement is gaining ground..”

His mistakes in this statement may first be pointed out. He presents EU as European Confederation which is an erroneous idea. Confederation is a political arrangement in which smaller member- states are like semi independent entities. In practice Mangl’s suggestion New Delhi would be the Capital of the Confederation and Indian Assembly will pass laws in substantive matters. European Union is a different thing, a union of equal associates with no capital no sovereign Assembly. Confusing “Union” with “confederation” is due to lack of knowledge of what he two systems are. EU is like a group of multilateral sovereign states who agree to suggestions/projects after mutual adjustments and no power is higher than the other. Most of them are members of NATO EU is what verbose Muslim states planned ECO, or OIC to be.

In any case all EU members are Christians, Rusia which remains out of EU is Greek Orthodox which had historic hostility with other Christian sects. Unfortunately our politicians have very superficial knowledge of such matters and for this reason they look at superficial similarities. Failed has been leadership and their corruption. Pakistan has not failed The leaders have failed Pakistan. So do not manufacture alibis for putting Pakistan in India’s orbit to achieve, peace propriety and tranquility. The problem are you the leaders. Not Pakistan. Remember Ayub Era or see the most prestigious journals of those days

Just for the sake of setting the record straight, are our superficial politicians so blind that they cannot see the great economic advancement after coming into Pakistan. They lived in mud houses, had utter poverty, no schools, had only one university on partition Punjab University, no medical hospitals and yet they boast of from the rule of present PPP rule “ aghaz-I huquq- I -Balochistan” For God’s sake do not exaggerate to make your statements jokes of the century. Really NO ONE ever did any thing for Balochistan in 63 years!! When Balochistan was given its own CMs, cabinet, civil service? Really!! Shall we believe this fairy tale that for the PPP Rulers the Balochistan beauty was waiting to be kissed to come to life! I am sorry to say many of our politicians make hyperboles. I am commenting on Bilour’s statement that Confederation will bring forth development and prosperity.

I should like to comment on the indecent American attacks on the Court judgment to Shakil Durrani, the C I A agent who betrayed his oath to do espionage on behalf of Americans. What a duplicity in their treatment to Dr Fai wh received some financial assistance for Kashmir cause, He was guilty of working for ISI on a cause not against US Security. Fai was guilty Shakil is a hero. In our social code a Pakistani working as a spy for a foreign country is a traitor. Punished he should be. Of course CIA will finance through X Y Z Shakil Durrani’s relations. Pakistan has in its secret funds Rs 4.5 billion rupees to use money to influence journalists etc. US has much more.

One last point I should include in this paper. I am a staunch believer in one Pakistani nationality, yet there can be many identification labels. I am referring to the demands for a separate Karachi Suba. This demand has been revived because of PPP’s support for new provinces. Had PPP not been behind so vociferously for Saraiki province and naming Pakhtun Khoa, there would not have been demands for Karachi suba. There is a proverb in English. “ What is good for the geese is good for the gander.” Sariki was the ‘geese’. It seems that the “Hindustani Musalman” who came to Pakistan and contributed a lot to make Karachi what it is today need to be handled in such a manner that they do not feel insulted. They feel they had lost that great historic past by uprooting from their ancient lands and now have no identity. Perhaps they should not have , nor Hindus and Sikhs had gone to India from here. But that is all in the past now. What has been done cannot be undone. Only time will heal the pains.

Just a line on the news that Obama has decided to terminate tenure of present American Ambassador Munter and nominated General HUD the scandalous commander of Guntanamo Bay who acted sacrilegiously towards the Holy Quran in the Camp as Munter’s replacement. I hope US dare not appoint a thoroughly non grata person as Ambassador to Pakistan. Granting agreement is entirely the pleasure of receiving government. It can reject an undesirable person without explaining for what reasons it refuses him. I might add that as one who had been for almost four decades in Foreign Service I might add my appreciation for the gracious and friendly Munters both of them. I should add that we developed the sixth sense to know even if his Government policy causes concern who is a man of good will and who is not.


Courtesy: Pakistan Observer

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