Change in PR by next year, says minister

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MINISTER for Railways Saad Rafique has promised a positive difference by next fiscal years, no shutdown of any trains, no privatisation of Pakistan Railways and no political recruitment.

Addressing the Railways Officers of 17th Grade and above, the minister said he would implement Prime Ministerís Policy of zero tolerance for corruption and anyone found guilty would be made an example.

Saad Rafique took an oath from all the officers to serve the people of Pakistan and work for Pakistan Railways without corruption.

He said he would follow an open door policy and everyone was welcomed to report any mismanagement or corruption to him directly. He said the PR officers needed to think beyond the fact that they were working for their salaries and should acquire an attitude of doing justice to the public money and public service. The confidence of people in PR can only be revived with such an attitude, he added.

He said the PR was being turned into a corporation, and the CEO of which too would be from the PR and not from outside, therefore, all apprehensions of it being completely privatised were wrong. He however was of the view that the whole world had benefited from public-private partnerships and there was no harm in it if done in a transparent manner.

Talking about accountability, he said he had called responsible persons of all cases including the scrap scandal, used oil scandal and locomotivesí procurement scandals so that these culprits should be held for their crimes. He said he would form a legal team for this which would also look after PRís other legal interests.

He pointed out that the PR was heavily overstaffed, the main reason for which was political hiring. He said he had stopped this induction and would not even employ a single person on political ground. However, he promised he would not fire anyone on the basis of how he was hired if he/she was a performer.

He said the state of the PR was deplorable, and there was corruption in all ranks from the top right to the bottom. Therefore, mending the situation is not a matter of a month or a year, but he promised that he would bring tangible change by next fiscal year.

Talking about the employees protesting against no increase in salaries, he said the time for protests and long-marches was over.

If the employees have grievances then they should come directly to me and we can negotiate a solution, he said.

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