China offers numerous jobs for Pak youth!

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BEIJING - The vice-president of the Confucius Institute in Islamabad, Zhang Daojian, said he has had numerous requests over the past year from Chinese businesses in Pakistan that want to hire local Mandarin-speaking students.
"Studying Chinese is a great help to Pakistani students because many Chinese companies want to hire people who can speak English, Urdu and Mandarin," the China Daily quoted Zhang as saying.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and both Urdu and English are the official languages.
"Last year a Chinese company asked me to recruit such talent, and I apologized because we had no students available," said Zhang, a former teacher at Beijing Language and Culture University.
The university established the Confucius Institute in Islamabad in 2007. Zhang said some of the students who are fluent in Mandarin went to China for further studies, and the rest were hired in Pakistan.
"Generally, their jobs are really good, and most of them are working in banking or for leading Chinese enterprises," he said. The Confucius Institute gave Mandarin lessons to 6,000 students in 2012 amid the nationwide drive to learn the language.
"Mandarin lessons are compulsory in the leading elementary schools here," Zhang said. The Confucius Institute also co-hosted a series of cultural events to boost public diplomacy. One such event last year impressed Zhang with the Pakistani public's enthusiasm for Chinese culture. "We participated in a cuisine festival last year, and China's booth attracted many people. The traditional friendship between the two neighbours is one of the reasons the Pakistanis want to learn Chinese, he said.
"Economic, political and cultural exchanges are frequent between the two countries, which naturally provide a major boost to the demand for learning Mandarin." Traditional Chinese culture also appeals a lot to the local people, Zhang added.
Although the Pakistanis have a strong desire to learn Chinese, Zhang said maintaining that enthusiasm was difficult. "Some students have been brought up in well-off families, and they went to Britain or the United States for further studies after abruptly ending their Mandarin lessons," he said. Others who get posts at branc

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