CNG sector efficiency not more than 12pc: Aptma

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LAHORE - All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Chairman Ahsan Bashir has observed that energy efficiency of the CNG sector is not more than 10 to 12 percent while efficiency of CPPs is close to 40 percent in general and above 45 percent with Combined Cycle Usage, equal to the efficiency of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) falling around 50 percent on Combined Cycle Usage around the globe. Further, various studies by internationally renowned institutions, including Friends of Pakistan and Ministry of Petroleum, have unanimously resolved that power production through CPPs is the most efficient and economically viable use of natural gas around the world.

Strongly condemning the CNG Association for incorrect and fabricated narration, he said that it is based upon absolutely false facts. If one agrees with CNG sector’s wrong assessment that the CPPs are wasting 327MMCFD out of total allocated 454MMCFD gas per day, it simply means that the CNG pumps were wasting 450MMCFD out of total 500MMCFD gas allocated gas per day on the efficiency ratio of 10 percent.

It is a worldwide consensus that usage of gas through CNG pumps is a sheer wastage of natural resources. The highly non-productive use of gas through CNG pumps is, therefore, being discouraged by the Federal government as a policy matter and it has devised a new priority order on gas allocation, notching up the CPPs against the CNG sector in order to expedite economic growth in country.

The CPPs installed in the textile sector, as a matter of fact, are structured on state of the art and modern equipment and the most efficient power producers around the country.

Chairman APTMA said the CPPs are generating 4000MW power in Pakistan, leading to creation of hundreds and thousands of jobs in textile sector. The textile exports have also witnessed 8 percent growth, which was quite unimaginable in the absence of CPPs. Pakistan has passed through unprecedented energy crisis since November 2007. Chances of collapsing of Pakistan economically in the absence of CPPs, he added.

Chairman APTMA appreciated the role of Dr Asim Hussain, Advisor to Prime Minister on Petroleum & Natural Resources for realising the importance of CPPs against CNG pumps and revising the priority order of gas allocation.


Courtesy: The Nation

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