FAS holds general body meeting

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Islamabad The Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP) Rawalpindi/Islamabad chapter held its first general body meeting of the month at the Serena Hotel with an interesting programme that required participants to create arrangements with given materials.

Titled ‘Imposed Class,’ participants are given the same kind and number of materials and asked to make an arrangement from them according to their own perception as to how the material is to be used.



The programme began with seasoned floral artist, Nagin Malik giving details and care tips about two plants which we are all familiar with but not everyone knows their details - the ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ commonly called ‘Swiss cheese plant’ because of the shape of its leaves and the ‘Citrus Mitis.’ The monstera can grow up to a height of 65 feet and produces exquisite cream coloured flowers which develop into fruit that tastes similar to pineapple! The citrus plant has the small and sour miniature oranges that we know as ‘kumquats,’ while some people call them ‘Chinese oranges.’ Not only does it produce fruit it looks very beautiful when the fruit is ripe, since the small sized tree produces the oranges in abundance.


VP Waqur un Nisa Boolani announced that all members would have to fill in new forms to update the list with new telephone numbers and emails. Nagin Malik asked for contributions for the annual magazine while another senior artist, Farhat Zaman displayed the sprig of a tree from Chiniot which has a flower that smells like a fruit - she was not sure which as all those who sniffed it had a different opinion! The flowers have now produced a green berry like fruit that looks like a raw almond but no one knew what it was and efforts will be made to find out what species it is and whether the fruit can be eaten or not! There were jokes about tasting it and having to call emergency services so no one dared to bite into the ‘berry’ though it looked quite inviting!

The competition was divided into two groups - seniors and newcomers - so that the new members could be encouraged instead of competing with those who are experts in the art. Judges were two senior members of FAS Farhat Zaman and Anver Jehan Ansari. It was interesting to see the manner in which the materials had been used - beautiful arrangements were produced by nearly everyone - some very modern and some traditional and since I am a traditionalist, these appealed to me but judges have their own criteria which includes many aspects like form best use of material etc: so they judged accordingly.


The winners among the newcomers were (1) Farhat Shahid; (2) Fatima Bhatti and (3) Tahira Naveed and they were each awarded a prize. The seniors were recognized for their work and included Ayesha Zahid; Farhana Azim and Ghazala Abdullah. Refreshments were served and Farhana Azim was seen given the new members tips on how they could have improved their arrangements with just a little different approach here and there - a learning experience for them.

Courtesy:  The News

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