FBR selects 9,740 cases for audit

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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday selected 9,740 cases for audit through parametric computer balloting, said an official.


The FBR selected 1,217 corporate taxpayers and 8,523 non-corporate taxpayers for audit in income tax, sales tax and federal excise duty for the tax year 2011, said official.


The FBR conducted computer ballot for selection of audit cases at the FBR House, which was made on the basis of various risk parameters developed after consultation with all the stakeholders.


Ijaz Hussain, Member (Inland Revenue), while addressing the audience said that the revenue body has ensured transparency in the process of selection of cases for audit.


The list of cases selected for audit has been placed on the FBR’s website showing taxpayers ‘National Tax Number only without displaying their names.


He said that the audit notices issued by the commissioners in the Large Taxpayers Unit (LTUs) and Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) for the tax year 2011 were issued without the approval of the tax authorities.

Responding to various queries of the tax bar associations and chambers, Hussain said that the audit notices already issued for the tax year 2011 by the field formations are without approval of the FBR.


Only cases selected for audit through computer balloting would be considered for the tax year 2011, he said.


“We have to look into the cases selected directly by the commissioners in the field formations,” said Hussain.


Mustafa Ashraf, FBR Member Taxpayers Audit, while welcoming the participants said that of 22,204 returns received from the corporate sector for the tax year 2011, a total of 1,217 cases have been selected for audit.


Of 519,974 returns filed by the non-corporate persons, a total of 8,523 cases were selected for audit, while 494 Presumptive Tax Regime (PTR) cases have been excluded from the total returns of 22,204 filed for the corporate sector, he added. The cases of Presumptive Tax Regime and salaried individuals are not made part of the computer ballot, he said, adding that the Presumptive Tax Regime cases having other sources of income are made part of the balloting.


The FBR has also timely placed the list of taxpayers, their national tax numbers (NTNs) on the FBR website duly signed by the FBR Member Audit; FBR Member Inland Revenue and Chief Executive Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL).


The lists of the NTNs have been placed in ascending order so that the taxpayers can easily check whether their cases have been selected for audit or not, he said.


About the parameters applied for selection of cases for the audit, the FBR Member Taxpayer Audit said that the parameters have been shared with the stakeholders, including Pakistan Tax Bar Association, field formations and audit teams of the revenue body. The FBR has devised the parameters at the board level.


These parameters would be changed every year in view of the risk factors. The parameters of the non-corporate sector are slightly different from the parameters set for the corporate sector, he said.


The FBR Member Taxpayers Audit said that the revenue body has conducted computer balloting earlier this year to provide sufficient time to the field formations for timely completion of tax assessments. This would ensure recovery of the unpaid amount of taxes before June 30, 2013. Taking into account the issues of capacity of the workforce in the field formations, the FBR has selected low percentage of taxpayers for audit.


This would also not overburden the tax officials, while conducting audit but would ensure quality audit.


Courtesy:  The News

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