French aviation authorities impose fine of Rs five million on PIA

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French aviation authorities have imposed a fine of Euro 32,000 (around five million rupees) on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for operating four flights into Paris not only violating its allotted operating slots but also violating the air operation curfew restrictions implemented in Paris.

Although flying into Paris (Charles de Gualle Airport) is not allowed during the curfew time which is from 11 pm to 6 am, PIA management has been violating this rule for quite some time, which finally resulted in heavy fines after thorough investigation by French aviation authorities.

According to the details available here, Pk 734 on December 26, 2012 left Paris at 1:59 am after the delay of two hours. The fine imposed on this flight was Euro 18000. Similarly, Pk 750 on December 22, 2012 left Paris at 12:19 am due to consequential delay. The fine imposed on this flight was Euro 4000.

Earlier, Pk 750 on March 10, 2012 left Paris at 12:32 am by dint of consequential delay. The fine imposed on this flight was Euro 6000. Also, Pk 734 on March 14 left Paris at 12:13 am because of consequential delay. The fine imposed on this flight was Euro 4000.

French authorities had given ample time to national flag carrier after the reporting of the slot and curfew violation and took almost a year but even then the airline failed to satisfy the aviation authority.

Finally, the French aviation authorities took a step of imposing fine of around Rs five million which shows they are fed up of this practice by PIA. "French aviation authorities have sent various e-mails from time to time that PIA flights are violating night curfew regulations. Finally, they fined four flights in this regard, and it is very likely that PIA may yet continue with this practice, thus calling for more fines from other sources," added the source.

The selection of only four flights was symbolic as the authorities concerned wanted to warn the airline, the delayed flights arriving during the day were separate subject and attracted different kind of ire but violation of curfew time was a serious thing, he added.

"This is acute shame for the management of national airline that they have not yet been able to control their incessant delays despite being warned by different international airport authorities for quite some time," said a source associated with PIA.

The source said PIA management instead of adding notch on its belt is gathering humiliation. "International airport authorities like Delhi, Frankfurt, Jeddah, Dubai, and several others have time and again warned PIA management over incessant flight delays, but the management always turn deaf ear to such warnings from airport authorities of its international destinations."

"I am quite sure PIA must have been receiving reminders, warnings on daily basis by international airport authorities over flight delays. The situation has gone from bad to worse and a drastic change is required to set things right," he said.

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