Gas tariff increased by 6.14pc

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ISLAMABAD: The federal government increased the natural gas tariff on Monday by 6.14 per cent for all consumers with immediate effect. The average increase works out at Rs28.28 per unit.

A formal notification about the increase was issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on the advice of the federal government. This will yield an additional revenue of about Rs11.5 billion to two gas companies — Rs9.5 billion to SNGPL and Rs2 billion to SSGCL.


Although the rate for sale of gas to CNG stations has also been increased by 6.14 per cent, Ogra has not fixed the price of CNG for consumers in the absence of a clear policy guideline from the government. Secretary of Petroleum Dr Waqar Masood Khan said the CNG pricing issue was expected to be settled by Tuesday and after that a separate notification will be issued for CNG’s consumer-end rates.


According to Ogra’s notification, the gas price for domestic consumers using 100 cubic meters per month has been increased by Rs6.14 per MMBTU (unit) to Rs106.14 per unit from Rs100. The rate for the first 300 cubic metres per month consumption has been increased by Rs12.28 to Rs212.28 per unit.

The price of domestic consumers using more than 300 cubic metres per month has been increased by Rs30.69 per unit to Rs530.69 per MMBTU. The same rate will apply to all religious places and their attached hostels.


Domestic rates and the consumption slabs which were applied also to government and semi-government offices, hospitals, armed forces’ messes and educational institutions have been abolished and these will now be charged at a flat rate of Rs530.69 per MMBTU. Earlier, they were charged at Rs100 per unit for the first 100 cubic meters, followed by Rs200 per 300 cubic metres and at Rs500 per unit for over 300 cubic metres per month consumption.


COMMERCIAL: Gas rates for all commercial consumers have been increased from Rs600 per MMBTU to Rs636.83 per MMBTU, up by Rs36.83 per unit. The special commercial consumers (roti tandoors) will be charged at Rs106.14 per unit for the first 100 cubic metres per month and at Rs212.28 per unit for first 300 units. The rates for consumption over 300 cubic metres will now be Rs636.83 per unit instead of Rs500 per unit.


The rate for ice factories has also been increased from Rs600 per unit to Rs636.83.


INDUSTRIAL: The tariff for industrial consumers and power stations of Wapda, KESC, independent power producers and captive plants has been increased from Rs460 per MMBTU to Rs488.23 per unit. CNG stations currently being charged at Rs618.55 per unit will be charged at Rs656.52 while cement factories will be charged at Rs742.97 per MMBTU instead of Rs700 per unit.


FERTILISER: Gas rates for fertiliser units on SNGPL system have been increased to Rs123.41 per MMBTU from Rs116.27 per unit for gas used as feedstock while rates for fuel have been increased to Rs488.23 per unit from Rs460. The only exception in this category is the Engro fertiliser which will continue to be charged at Rs60.67 per unit for feed stock while rates for fuel have been increased from Rs460 per unit to Rs488.23.


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