Govt exporters to promote non traditional items

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Karachi—Saifuddin N. Zoomkawala, Chairman of the EFU Group has asked the government , policy makers and exporters to continue their efforts to promote exports of textile and other traditional items, but without further neglecting the exports of non-traditional items. The country has never focused seriously on the promotion of exports of non-traditional sectors that kept Pakistan out of many markets, said Saifuddin N. Zoomkawala, who is also the President of the Pakistan German Business Forum (PGBF), at the First Corporate Ambassador Awards 2012 ceremony held at FPCCI on Saturday. Mr Zoomkawala was the chief guest at the ceremony, organized by weekly Corporate Ambassador.
Mr Zoomkawala said that the exporters and exports of non-traditional items rarely get government’s adequate support to enhance exports and capture mamimum markets.

The country should now concentrate on value addition in agricultural produce, minerals, stones, plastic, chemicals and others, he said. He appreciated the performance of the exporters of fruit and vegetable sector for making good contribution in the country’s revenue.

During opening remarks of ceremony, weekly Corporate Ambassador raised an important point of Farooq Afzal, a renowned textile exporter, who said that Pakistan was just exporting $100 million dollars worth textile goods to Russia that imports around $70 billion worth textile products a year.

Taking this key point in mind, Mr Zoomkawala said that beside promoting the traditional exports like textile and rice, the policy makers and exporters should also enhance exports of non-traditional exports.

He also pointed out that 50-MW the country’s first Wind Energy plant at Jhampir, district Thatta, is almost complete and it would start producing electricity in June 2012. He said that India was producing more than 30,000 MWs of electricity from the wind technology, but Pakistan had neglected it.

”Now our people had started realizing the importance of wind energy technology and making efforts to utilize it to produce electricity that don’t need any input unlike thermal and gas power plants that consume a massive amount of fuels (the exhaustible natural resources),” he said.

He also said that to bring changes in the normal lives of the people, media especially the electronic, should shift its focus on the trade and business activities rather than giving more time to the talk shows on politics. He also advised the participants of the ceremony to give up habits and traditions of finding faults with the country and keep in mind positive, good aspects and a bright outlook for Pakistan.

“We often hear that Pakistan is a bad country, the system will never change and things would never improve,” he said. We should give up this kind of pessimism, mindset and look towards positive side and make efforts for the nation building and image of Pakistan as well. He was glad to know that Corporate Ambassador was the first English weekly newspaper in Pakistan that was giving coverage on priority basis to the corporate sector.

Speaking at the ceremony, Shujaat Ali Baig, Consultant, Habib Bank Limited said that the media should make utmost efforts to promote the economic, social, cultural and diplomatic segments of the society. He appreciated the First Corporate Ambassador Awards 2012 ceremony, organized by the weekly Corporate Ambassador and said that it was a good effort to encourage corporate development and to motivate the stakeholders to make more efforts for economic growth.

“We rarely see weekly newspapers that focus primarily on the promotion of economy, business and corporate sector,” he said. He further said that until and unless the education standards are improved with a unified system in the country, the positive changes in the society would remain a distant dream. The event was attended by leading business representatives: Those who received awards are: Mr Saifudding Zoomkawala, Chairman of the EFU Group; Mr Shujaat Ali Baig, Consultant Habib Bank Limited; Sardar Shoukat A.K. Popalzai, President, Balochistan Economic Forum; Prof. Dr Guo Jing; Faroq Afzal, Chairman, Pak-Russia Business Council, Vice-Chairman Pak-Ukraine Business Forum and a leading exporter of value-added textile products; Waheed Ahmed, Co-Chairman Pakistan Fruit/Vegetable Exporters Association; Allied Bank (Mr Arshad Khan, head of the Corporate Communications of the bank received the award in recognition of the CSR initiatives of the bank, especially rehabilitation of earthquake and flood victims); PSA Gwadar International Terminal (Mr Faisal Javed/Manager Operations.



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