Govt fails to overcome power shortfall

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Govt fails to overcome power shortfall

ISLAMABAD - The caretaker government, despite making tall claims to control the power load shedding, has so far  failed to overcome it as power shortfall on Sunday was recorded at alarming level of 4,600mw while up to 16 hours long loadshedding is intensifying citizen’s agonies. 

Water & Power Ministry on Sunday also showed an alarming picture of power generation in comparison to its generation to meet the burgeoning demands of the country. Total generation stood at 11,800mw against the demand of 16,400mw, while the electricity shortfall recorded at alarming level of 4,600mw.

Background interviews and discussions with energy experts disclosed that unscheduled load-shedding and frequent power outages have reached an alarming extent and taking its toll on lives of the people with more accelerated pace than any other time. The massive blackouts have affected the people in their domestic as well as commercial lives because of the fact that electricity has become an basic and urgent need for the very survival and everything is directly or indirectly linked with it. Hence the situation is turning into a nightmare for the people to live without electricity in this age where one cannot even think of living devoid power being a basic need for sustainable life.

“Indeed, all the efforts directed towards reducing load-shedding have come to nothing and badly failed to reduce the problem despite various measures. Even now in this scorching heat season where one would not imagine such a condition of electricity as a past experience, the country is confronted with devastating load-shedding and the frequent power outages are still going on unabatedly with no significant as well as result oriented efforts being made to tackle the situation, even its schedule could not be provided to people so far. That’s why we see that the country is fastly moving towards darkness.

Deadly power loadshedding is going up and up with the each passing day as mercury intensifies. Even rural areas are bound to face sever loadshedding for more than 16 hours while urban areas are also in grip of loadshedding from 10 to 12 hours, sources said, adding, that life of all walks of people is full of sufferings and agonies and very much disturbed with rising shortfall while routine life is totally devastated due to hours long load shedding across the country. As far as the common people are concerned, they have become hopeless against the ever increasing crisis in the country and are now on lookout with simmering discontent for some miracle to happen to take them out of the tricky problems.

“Sale of petrol and gas run generators in open market is on the rise while record business of Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) in the history of the country is enough to know the sufferings and miseries public is facing, an energy expert said, adding, that interim regime has so far been failed to control the ballooned out load shedding as it had not taken concrete steps to overcome it, raising questions over the performance and tall claims made so far by the caretaker government. He also said the severe power crisis has hit the country with worst load-shedding everywhere including homes, markets, hospitals, offices, educational institutions, factories, mills and industries and wheel of all come to a standstill without electricity. The people are crying their heart out before the Government and Wapda authorities against the prolonging menace, whereas it seems that nobody is ready to duly recognise the problem and to take up the matter with the authorities concerned through serious efforts to help it resolve in the best interests of the people, he deplored.

A senior official at water & power ministry when contacted said solving power issue is certainly a difficult task and needs a lot of research and planning considering the availability of resources and fund. However, it is best to utilise what is readily available (Thar coal) to resolve the problem in the best interests of people by keeping in view the gravity of the situation.

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