Govt initiates audit of PIA pilots

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KARACHI: The government has initiated the audit of pilots of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and asked for complete records for the year 2011, official sources said.

The commercial audit department of the government has sent an order on June 12 to the director flight operations and DGM Finance, PIA, to provide with complete record of perks and other information related to pilots for 2011.Not only that an audit has been initiated, an additional tax of up to 50 percent has been levied in the budget on pilots’ flying allowance, against the global practice, the officials said.


Such moves were designed to keep pilots at bay and away from forming any alliance against the possible privatisation, they said.The audit department has asked for complete copy of Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (Palpa) agreement; copy of services regulation and terms and conditions of pilots / cockpit crew; complete list of pilots / cockpit crew detained by the PIA for flight operation, aircraft-wise showing their ages, flight period completed and their valid licence numbers issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Also, detailed list of flight delayed / due to unavailability of crew, transport and late arrivals of pilots / cockpit crew at airports; monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of flight operation department for the year 2011; details of theft / fraud and embezzlement reported; and details of disciplinary cases, were also demanded, the officials said.


Regarding financial matters, the audit department asked for copy of budget of flight operation (017 location) for the year 2011; budget control summary / register and D-15 vouchers; budget versus actual; summary of overflying (en route) charges, slip allowance, crew hotel accommodation charges, flying allowances and delayed flying allowances; simulator training (fee, accommodation, hotel, and interlink transportation).


The list of contractual employees and daily wagers in flight operation department; details of commercial pilots of aircraft-wise along with their licence numbers and the date of validity for particular aircraft and list of in-service, retired, contractual and services hired; payroll of the pilots / cockpit crew; and details of other charges of the pilots / cockpit crew paid under the Palpa agreement.


Moreover, the department also require details of payments / expenditure made on accounts of simulator training charges domestic and international for the year 2011; details of navigational charges paid on different CAA and other international airports at network; copy of flight plans route / sector-wise the United States, Europe, Gulf and the UAE, showing total landings and takeoffs, the officials said.


Detailed list of aircraft incidents occurred in different countries / airports during 2011-13, showing reasons, penalties imposed and damage values; detailed list of cockpits cabin crew involved in smuggling and aircraft due to which held at different international airports; and detailed list of aircraft overrun during landing and takeoff at domestic and international airports causing damage, withheld, and penalties paid, have also been demanded.


A captain said that since pilots were at the forefront in thwarting the campaign of a former managing director to sell the routes of national airline to Turkish Airline, the new government also had feelings that the pilots could go against their move to privatise PIA.


“Therefore, the government has decided to checkmate any possible advance from the pilots by engaging them in the audit. This way other unions or CBA of the airline would not get to join pilots against the intentions of the government to privatise the airline,” the officials said.


Furthermore, the tax levy would discourage many pilots to plan future at PIA and would resort to look for jobs in the Middle East airlines, which very happily on almost double the salary picks the PIA talent, which was groomed for over 25-30 years.


The way audit is being conducted, pilots say, it is quite clear that the government expects fierce backlash from the employees over PIA privatisation. —Javed Mirza

Courtesy:   The News

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