Low-flying fighter jet scares air-show spectators

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KARACHI: Some spectators staked out a special spot near a Royal Air Force air show in Great Britain for a good view - but as the video shows, they perhaps got more than they expected.

The Typhoon fighter jet had the crowd ducking and running away as it seemed to pass by dangerously close to the ground.

YouTube user bobsurgranny, who filmed the moment, posted on YouTube: "Well this came as a shock, the rate of descent was so quick. Either very skilled or very lucky, you decide..:P I'm saying SKILL!"

The air-show enthusiasts, who, according to the Daily Mail, had set up camp purposefully under the plane's flight path and not at the nearby RAF Waddington Air Show, had a hair-raising experience.

The RAF spokesman told the Daily Mail that the incoming flight was "completely normal," adding, "The area concerned is directly under the flight path of the runway and has clear warnings and flashing traffic lights designed to ensure that the public stay clear." (Monitoring Desk)

Courtesy: The News

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