Mysterious objects were parts of Hatf missile ISPR

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ISLAMABAD, Nov 30: The mysterious wreckage that fell on some villages in Dadu district of Sindh on Wednesday night belonged to Hatf-V (Ghauri) missile, tested by the Army’s Strategic Force Command at the conclusion of its field exercises.


“The metallic objects found in a remote area of Dadu were part of the motor body which separated from the missile as planned and within the safety corridor,” a military spokesman said.


The army’s strategic command had been closely following the missile after the test-fire through the newly commissioned automated Strategic Command and Control Support System.


After media reports about the landing of mysterious objects on some villages in Dadu district, local troops took possession of the pieces of the engine and other metallic objects.


The armed forces routinely test missiles but it is for the first time that such an incident has happened.


Splinters of the missile fell on several villages and the biggest fragment, according to media reports, weighed about 187kg. No loss of life or property was reported.

The disclosure that the debris was that of Hatf-V has raised doubts about the success of the missile test.


However, ISPR, insists that the test was successful.


“The test conducted on Wednesday was a success. The missile remained within the designated flight path and corridor,” the spokesman said.


“It was ensured that human life or property will not be at risk,” he said.


Courtesy:  Dawn

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