Need for mechanised farming

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SPEAKERS at a Farmers Day function at Faisalabad Agriculture University have emphasised the need for adopting mechanized agronomic innovations to help boost production and profitability of the small farmers.

Though majority of tillers of the land have started using tractors and threshers but still we are far behind the per acre yield being achieved in the developed countries. Pakistan has vast fertile lands and hard working manpower and the only thing they need is availability of technology at reasonable rates.

As the country’s population is increasing at an alarming rate, there is dire need to increase the per acre yield of agricultural products. This would be possible only through use of science and technology as no revolution in this vital sector could happen without adopting innovative approach towards mechanization. At the same time agriculture research institutions must be provided with adequate resources to develop high yielding and disease resistant varieties of different crops. Farmers education would be an added tool to boost production.

Therefore, there must be a realization at the policy level that agriculture is crucially important for our national economy as around 70 percent of the population is earning livelihood from it. We also need to invite foreign investors as there is huge potential for investment in agriculture sector and they would also bring with them new technologies. We would also emphasise that while mechanization is essential for agriculture sector but the prices of inputs be ensured at affordable level as that would be the incentive for the farmers to utilize them to the maximum and get a better return of their labour.


Courtesy: Pakistan Observer

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