Railways terminates contract of Kabir & Company

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The contract of Kabir & Co has been terminated by Pakistan Railways due to the violation of the agreement, hallmarked by awfully poor performance and security money thereto was also forfeited.

While, one of his recent inspection visits, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways showed his extreme discontentment over the state of affairs at Jaffer Express regarding the service delivery to the passengers.

Taking cognisance of the dismal conditions depicted by Jaffar Express, he ordered immediate enquiry and resultantly the guilty contractor had to be deprived of his contract, in addition to a forfeiture of security money amounting to Rs 250,000. The Minister was of the view that the 'customer promise' was part of the inherent agenda of governance for the public sector and set out the standard of service that his government was required to provide to the people at large.

During the inspection, the Minister checked the dining car personally and was extremely displeased to note the quality of food and edibles available to the passengers, during their journey. Moreover, the Minister showed his sheer disapproval over the level of cleanliness, maintained by the administration.

He was informed by the train manager that the contractor was performing the contract through subletting it, earning as much as up to 30 million out of which Railways was getting a peanut share of 2.2 million per annum as findings of the inquiry report. Rafique said, "The public sector being, collectively, the world's largest service provider enjoys the pivotal position in any nation's economy. Any incremental improvement in public services positively impacts millions of people."

As a result of the enquiry, the contract with Kabir & Company was cancelled without more ado on its being found guilty in expressed violation of the Clause No 24 of the agreement between the two parties. Under the said clause, Pakistan Railways is empowered not only to terminate the contract straight away but to forfeit the security money as well. The company, Kabir & Co was looking after the all four rakes of Jaffer Express under the said agreement.

Courtesy: BR

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