Salient features - provincial education budget

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

KP's headline announcement of the size of the education plan was Rs 72.7 billion. Of this amount, about 44.7 billion pertains to the education budgets of district/local governments.

The 2013-14 share for education is 30 percent higher than actual spending in 2012-13. Greater detail is missing in the KP budget, especially in terms of total distribution for different tiers of education. However, under the head of Development Expenditure, Rs 8.1 billion is due to the primary and secondary levels, and Rs 5.7 billion to higher/tertiary education. Salaries account for 92 percent of the overall allocation for education, with the ratio at 89 percent in the case of primary education.


Punjab has allocated 15 percent of its total budget outlay for education. However, this total allocation includes health as well as Agriculture Education Rs. 1.8 billion, Arts Colleges Rs 15.6 billion, Archives and Museums Rs 0.27 billion, and Administration Costs Rs 11.1 billion.


Sindh's allocation for education is Rs 134 billion. Despite the size of the provision, district-wise educational outcomes in Sindh are amongst the lowest in Pakistan. This potentially raises serious concerns regarding the effectiveness of spending. Sindh has earmarked Rs 52 billion for primary education, which represents 38 percent of the total allocation for education. However, it seems that no funds have been made due for primary education in the provincial ADP from its own resources.


Balochistanís portion for education in 2013-14 is Rs 35 billion. This represents 21% of the total budget and amounts to a 43 percent increase over actual spending in 2012-13. The allocation for development expenditure (education) is Rs 10.5 billion, as opposed to actual spending of Rs 1.7 billion in 2012-13, representing an increase of more than 600 percent. For current/recurring expenditure on education, 84.2 percent of the amount billed is under the head of salaries (Rs 20.8 billion out of a total of Rs 24.7 billion).

Courtesy: †Daily Times

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