Strict action ordered against hoarders, profiteers


Karachi †This is so unfortunate that in several meetings, the milk sellers and people affiliated with the chicken industry have agreed to sell their products according to the governmentís approved list, but they did not fulfil their commitments, Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, said on Thursday.

The rights of consumers will be protected and strict action will be taken against the hoarders and profiteers, he said.

Talking to a delegation of Consumer Rights Council at his office, he stated that representatives of the media and consumer rights organisations are given representations to ensure transparency in the price control committee.

He appealed that the citizens and traders should also support the efforts being made for stabilising the rates of daily-edible commodities. He requested the wholesalers and retailers to immediately decrease the artificial hike in prices to facilitate the consumers.

The masses should contact the administration at the commissionerís office to report non-availability of edible items or poor quality or price-hike of any particular item at shops, he urged.

The commissioner Karachi has warned that strict action against elements involved in violating the governmentís commodity price list. There are elements involved in creating fake price hike and artificial shortage of edible items, particularly milk and chicken, in various parts of the city, he said.

Earlier, he chaired a meeting with the representatives of local wholesalers and retailersí associations. According to him, close coordination among the media, concern stakeholders and public was required to take action against the profiteers.

Courtesy: †The News