Unjust perks and quotas

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Saturday, December 22, 2012 - IT is good of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly that it is highlighting the unjust and uncalled for perks, privileges and quotas being enjoyed by different elite classes and issuing necessary guidelines to eliminate them. The latest is the directive to abolish lifetime perks and privileges of all former MDs of PIA.
PIA, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Steel, WAPDA and KESC are some of the organizations that have become white elephant for the economy not because they have no potential for profit-making but just because of mismanagement, misuse of powers, corruption, political interference, and inefficiency and over-staffing.

Though lifetime perks and privileges of former MDs must be fraction of the losses being incurred by the national carrier but their discontinuation and review of similar other practices would send the right kind of message and demonstrate commitment of its management to rectify wrongs. Unfortunately, similar practices are also in vogue in Pakistan Railways, which is at the verge of virtual collapse, as the Senate was told the other day that right from the Minister down to Division Superintendents all the officers are not only enjoying cosy privileges but are also entitled to issue free-of-cost tickets worth thousands of rupee per month and it is anybody’s guess who the beneficiaries would be. And we know how the facility of free electricity is being misused by WAPDA employees. It is time to say goodbye to such luxuries when the concerned organizations are almost dying.
Courtesy:  pakobserver

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