Water, natural gas, power crises in capital

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ISLAMABAD: Shortage of potable water, unscheduled power outages and low gas pressure are creating severe problems for the residents of Sector I and G of the capital, who have been demanding the authorities concerned to end their woes.



Although all the sectors of the capital are confronted with some energy-related problem, but the residents of I8, I9 and I10 have been particularly affected by the energy crisis. Meanwhile, faulty pipeline system in many parts of the city has led to a halt in regular supply of water to homes. “Most of the residents have to order water tankers to fulfil their daily needs of water, which is also not fit for drinking purpose, but everybody cannot afford extra charges for water service due to price hike,” said Sakina Sultan, a government employee.


The government employees residing in Sector I8-1 are facing the worst shortage of water along with low gas pressure, making it hard for both students and employees to get ready for offices and colleges on time. Many water filtration plants installed in Islamabad by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are not looked after properly, which is spreading various water-borne disease in the city.


According to a survey, most of the commercial areas, big hotels, restaurants and various other markets in the capital are facing no electricity or natural gas problem, while numerous localities of the city are deprived of these facilities. The Melody food park is reportedly getting continuous flow of gas from the main gas supply line.

Persistent low gas pressure and load shedding also continue to perturb the residents of G8, G9 and G10 too. The gas load shedding and low pressure hamper the household tasks. Fazia Rasheed, a resident of G8/4, said there was low gas pressure in her area, which forced many people to use LPG gas and other alternate methods to cook food. “Gas is not available throughout the day and we are unable even to cook food,” said Summaya Janjua, another resident of G8-4 while talking to APP.


She said they had to arrange readymade breakfasts for their children and the gas problem delays lunch when they return from schools/colleges. “We are getting extremely low gas pressure during day for the last two months. The situation is aggravating day be day,” said Ali Murtaza, a resident of G9-1. Fida, a resident of G10-2, alleged that there was no gas problem in the upscale residential sectors. Only the middle class sectors of I and G are facing gas load shedding and low pressure problems.


Meanwhile, in order to avoid gas load shedding and to increase gas pressure, some consumers have installed compressors, which is causing complete stoppage of gas to other consumers in the area. A number of localities in the city are facing low gas pressure problem due to which the residents are using different methods to increase gas supply. Some domestic as well as commercial consumers have reportedly installed gas compressors.


There have been complaints that the installation of gas compressors is aggravating problems for other consumers. The department concerned has declared that the gas compressors are very dangerous, as they can cause fatal accidents because the compression of gas could cause a blast. The Civil Defence department has sought permission to take action against the residents who are installing the gas compressors. During the crack down against the installers of gas compressors, the gas connections of the violators would be disconnected. agencies

Courtesy:  Daily Times

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