Water tanker prices jump to Rs2,500 as hydrants closed

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KARACHI: As predicted, the price of a 1,000-gallon water tanker went up since the city shut its hydrants last week. The tanker services are charging Rs2,500 up from Rs1,500.


Thus, the city’s decision to shut its water hydrants to clamp down on theft makes little sense since many areas do not have piped connections. This just means their residents are ready to pay double the price for a basic necessity, came the reaction from an association representing water suppliers.


“What is wrong with everyone? How come no one is looking at what’s really happening?” said Hazoor Khan of the Karachi Water Tankers Owners Association at a press conference on Tuesday. “People cannot survive without water. They will pay and use every means to get their hands on a tanker.”


Last week, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) prohibited the use of all hydrants, which are basically points for the commercial sale of water. The decision was mired in the controversy that water board officials taking kickbacks for giving permission to illegal hydrants. The owners of the water tanker services say the hydrants are still running in the night with the tacit approval of the same officials. “We wouldn’t be getting water otherwise,” Khan said.


“KWSB wants us to protest. It wants us to strike and park our tankers outside its office. That is how all the hydrants will get permission again and money will be made easily,” he alleged.


Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Baldia, Dalmia, Korangi, Surjani Town and New Karachi are some of the places where residents rely solely on commercial tankers.


Around 8,000 water tankers run in Karachi. There are subsoil hydrants as well as hydrants that suck water from the underground aquifers.


Courtesy: Tribune

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