What about these tax evaders?

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KARACHI: The Federal budget has tried to include more tax payers in the tax net and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says half a million more new people will be netted. But the Nadra data shows a special category of people who it seems are still untouched.

This data includes: - There are 1.611 million people who frequently embark on international tours but do not pay a single penny as income tax.

- About 584,730 Pakistanis have multiple accounts in domestic and multinational banks, but do not possess NTNs.

- Over 56,000 people live in posh areas and more than 20,000 people own luxury cars, still pay no income tax.

- There are 66,736 individual consumers who pay large utility bills, but no income tax.

- More than 13,000 people have licenses of both prohibited and non-prohibited weapons, but they do not possess an NTN.

- There are 25,130 people who are engaged in lucrative professions like medicine, engineering, law and chartered accountancy, but they do not pay a single penny as income tax.

- Nearly three million people possess a National Tax Number (NTN), but only 1.4 million of them filed income tax returns last year.

- Punjab has the lowest tax to GDP ratio in the country.

Will the Finance Minister tell the nation how many of these special categories have been included in the new net that he has thrown in a vacuum.

The writer is a former senior official in the airline industry

Courtesy: The News

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