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Thursday, 06 February 2014
2. Making remittances more productive
(Highlights/Business News)
Remittances coming from skilled and semi-skilled workers are generally utilised for setting up micro and home based businesses, which have boosted the informal sector of the economy but still remains ...
Monday, 06 January 2014
3. Tullow sells assets to quit Pakistan
(Highlights/Business News)
Tuesday, 22 October 2013
India's biggest oil explorer, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), has agreed a deal to buy a 10% stake in an offshore gas field in Mozambique. It will pay Anadarko Petroleum, a US firm, $2.6bn ...
Monday, 26 August 2013
5. Cotton market not devoid of buyers
(Highlights/Business News)
... import tariff on rice of Pakistani origin hit local vendors like a bolt of lightning. During the 2013-14 season, dispatches of rice to the Eastern African state were expected to reach some ...
Monday, 10 June 2013
6. Africa to display in Lahore again
(Highlights/Business News)
Friday, 24 May 2013
Thursday, 23 May 2013
8. GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan (GSK)
(Highlights/Business News)
... itability and growth hinge on a balance between the need for affordable healthcare and essential commercial interest of the firm, exports to underdeveloped African countries like Nigeria can ...
Tuesday, 07 May 2013
9. Mauritius to open consulate in Faisalabad
(Highlights/Business News)
... s come from all over the world every year. Mauritius is also a gateway to the African continent and has a premier position in the area with a dynamic economy, business-friendly policies and a free exchan ...
Saturday, 27 April 2013
... military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, leaving the African country with "no government with which the Fund could deal." Mohamud's new government took office in September of last year. Since then, ...
Saturday, 13 April 2013
11. Nato faulted over Libya boat-people deaths
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... boat left Tripoli in late March 2011 carrying 72 Africans, including 50 men, 20 women and two babies, but only nine survived after two weeks adrift in the Mediterranean, the Council of Europe said. "Many ...
Friday, 05 April 2013
... the need for exploring new markets to jack-up export volume and said due focus should also be given to non-traditional items. He said potential new markets included Central Asian States and African countries. ...
Monday, 25 March 2013
Saturday, 02 March 2013
Saturday, 05 January 2013
... Due focus should also be given to non-traditional items for which Pakistan has sufficient expertise and potential as well. Potential markets include China, Turkey, Central Asian States and African countries. ...
Wednesday, 26 December 2012
... nt of former premier Z.A Bhutto, "we will eat grass but will make the atom bomb". To which, Justice Gulzar cited the example of some African countries. Despite blessed with diamond mines, those countr ...
Tuesday, 18 December 2012
17. Explore scope in Nigeria, traders advised
(Highlights/Business News)
Saturday, 08 December 2012
18. UASC begins GEM1 service in Pakistan
(Highlights/Business News)
... economy and expectation of a strong turnaround in the very near future. The GEM1 service would also provide extensive coverage of other East Mediterranean and North African ports through relay services ...
Wednesday, 05 December 2012
19. Tax registration and enforcement initiative
(Weekly Updates/Editor's Pick)
... of around 9 percent, which places it amongst a group of Sub-Sahara African countries rather than amongst the ranks of its regional partners. The Prime Minister reportedly stated that the approval for ...
Thursday, 15 November 2012
Saturday, 06 October 2012
Monday, 24 September 2012
22. IT industry flourishing with stable growth
(Highlights/Business News)
... usinesses in African countries mainly in IT services for financial, services and urban infrastructure. IT industry has been showing a tremendous performance in terms of fastest business expansion ...
Thursday, 26 July 2012
23. World Bank warns on inequality threat to SA
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 25 July 2012
24. LCCI urges govt to consult private sector
(Highlights/Business News)
Tuesday, 24 July 2012
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Saturday, 26 May 2012
27. The Week Ahead: Upcoming data releases
(From International Desk/Data Releases)
Monday, 23 April 2012
28. Yen Gains as Central Bank Holds Off Easing;Euro Weakens
(From International Desk/International Currency News)
Saturday, 14 April 2012
...  coffee trading in 2011. Prices rose as much as 21 percent in the past two months as dry winds blowing from the Sahara toward the Atlantic battered West African plantations before a mid-crop harvest tha ...
Thursday, 15 March 2012
... ciated with financing nuclear arms, and highlights the positive role that financial institutions could play in the quest for a world free from such weapons. South African activist ...
Thursday, 08 March 2012

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