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... native energy solutions to sustain their operations. He said a wide range of green technologies are available in the world for power generation, biogas and biofuels production, reducing carbon  ...
Friday, 28 June 2013
2. LCCI organises seminar on biotechnology
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012
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... egetable oil used in cooking and biofuel production, and most of the rest is consumed directly as food. Ford Motor Co., the second-largest U.S. automaker, is using soy- based foam in  ...
Tuesday, 28 February 2012
... priced out of modern energy, therefore it is crucial (to have) access to biofuels, solar power," said Meles. "I do not know how it looks in developed countries, but in Africa we think fossil fuels already ...
Thursday, 26 January 2012
... ting for the season in late September, the earliest in 12 years, because of a smaller crop, according to Celso Junqueira Franco, president of the Union of Biofuel Producers ...
Saturday, 15 October 2011
... smaller crop, according to Celso Junqueira Franco, president of the Union of Biofuel Producers. Fourteen of 28 people surveyed expect corn to rise next week and 19 of 27 antic ...
Friday, 14 October 2011
7. Stabilising world food prices
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... d land resources. The agreement was not without certain major omissions, however. There was no consensus that the use of farm production to make biofuels had also contributed to rising food price ...
Saturday, 02 July 2011
...  hunger, mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouses gases, contributing to the cost-effective production of biofuels and above all by contributing to sustainable economic benefits. In additio ...
Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Friday, 24 June 2011
... called for more regulation of food commodity markets and reforms to flawed biofuels policies. Most biofuels are currently made from corn and sugar crops. G20 Agriculture Ministers are meeting in Paris ...
Wednesday, 15 June 2011
11. Islamabad set to gain from EU trade plan
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... raise strong objections, citing potential harm to Europe s textile and biofuels industries, among other issues. De Gucht s proposals, which are due to be formally presented on Tuesday, would grant preferential ...
Saturday, 07 May 2011
12. ADB says rising food prices threaten Asia s poor
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...  land will continue to keep food prices high in the short term. So will competition for food grains from biofuel production and stagnant or declining crop yields. Drought in China s major wheat-producin ...
Wednesday, 27 April 2011
... to court last year for withholding details about the potentially harmful impact of biofuels on the environment. An internal EU watchdog lambasted the executive for withholding related letters by carmaker ...
Thursday, 17 February 2011
14. Asia facing worsening water crisis: ADB
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... worth of treated water was lost each year in Asia s cities, the ADB said. Climate change, rapid industrialisation, water pollution, dietary shifts and the drive to grow biofuels are also expected to ...
Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Thursday, 03 June 2010
RAWALPINDI : A two-day training workshop on biofuel production from agriculture waste started at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) here on Tuesday. The workshop ...
Wednesday, 14 April 2010
Corn and soybeans advanced, paring declines of as much as 3.5 percent yesterday, on speculation strengthening crude oil prices will boost demand for biofuel. Corn gained 0.2 percent to $3.9775 a bushel ...
Friday, 18 December 2009
18. Crude Oil Futures Decline as U.S. Job Losses Exceed Forecasts
(Commodities/International Oil Report)
Crude oil dropped the most in a week after a report showed the U.S. jobless rate increased to a 26- year high in September, boosting concern fuel demand will be slow to rebound. Oil snapped two days of ...
Saturday, 03 October 2009
... 700 kilometers of coastline, tidal power can also prove to be a solution to the perpetual power crisis. Similarly, biofuels, biomass and wave power are some other potential energy sources which need to ...
Tuesday, 25 August 2009
20. SAFUG adds new members to group
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... biofuels. User Group members have pledged to work through the Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), a global multi-stakeholder initiative, consisting of leading environmental organisations, financiers, ...
Saturday, 01 August 2009
21. Airlines see turnaround in 2010
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009
Tuesday, 21 April 2009

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