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1. Scrutiny of bank accounts
(Highlights/Business News)
Non-corporate business is up in arms against a government decision to give tax collectors the power to peep into the bank accounts of those who they believe are not paying taxes. The businessmen ...
Friday, 28 February 2014
Some Collectors of Customs on Tuesday rectified an error by collecting 16 percent standard rate of Federal Excise Duty (FED) on the import of edible oil instead of 17 percent. It is learnt that the customs ...
Wednesday, 24 July 2013
... ges, cement, and sugar that had been important sources of revenue in the past. The tax collectors also removed the one percent withholding tax on manufacturing entities, further affecting overall ta ...
Monday, 15 April 2013
4. PTEA rejects curtailment of powers of MCCs
(Highlights/Business News)
... said that the shifting of all key imports/exports-related powers of Collectors of Customs like export authorisations, approvals, reduced duty rate notifications and regulating/monitoring of all concessionary ...
Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Thursday, 14 February 2013
6. FBR redesigns functions,responsibilities of customs collectors
(Economic Updates/Pak Major Financial News)
... that the FBR has designated four chief collectors (South) in Pakistan Customs. The chief collector (South) appraisement would have the jurisdiction of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement-I, ...
Wednesday, 13 February 2013
7. The tax base
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
The persistent failure of our tax collectors to tap actual tax potential - estimated not less than Rs 8 trillion - has created a situation where the very economic survival of the country is at stake ...
Saturday, 03 November 2012
8. Alternate taxation
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... even in the West there seems to be resistance on the basis of some fantastic counter arguments. It might be curious as well as fruitful for our tax collectors to research this particular mode of taxation. ...
Thursday, 01 November 2012
Tuesday, 23 October 2012
Saturday, 20 October 2012
11. 5% off for those who pay taxes by Sept 30
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
... s' orders, which had badly damaged the country's taxation system. He said such a negative trend had widened the gap between the tax collectors and payers. He feared that with such a tax return form tr ...
Saturday, 22 September 2012
13. FBR intensifies drive against smuggled cars
(Highlights/Business News)
...  the national economy. He said in line with business friendly government policy, all FBR members, Chief Collectors Customs,Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue,Collectors Customs and Commissioners Inlan ...
Saturday, 15 September 2012
14. Tax-to-GDP ratio, C/A deficit: major challenges
(Weekly Updates/Editor's Pick)
Monday, 10 September 2012
15. Farmers say no to increased water tax!
(Highlights/Business News)
... of planning commission to increase Abiana for rationalising purpose would not bring the desired results. They maintained that corrupt patwaris and other collectors would pitch in to exploit farmers as ...
Thursday, 12 July 2012
16. ANF seizes drugs worth Rs1bn at Port Qasim
(Highlights/Business News)
... ded by Assistant Collectors Inamullah Wazir and Muhammad Aftab was constituted to locate the fleeing miscreants and their accomplices. The team ascertained that the baggage had been taken to a hous ...
Thursday, 14 June 2012
17. Budget for the Ashrafiya
(Highlights/Business News)
... ncial managers and tax collectors have persistently failed to overcome fiscal deficit and remove fiscal imbalances as their tax policies are narrowly based on collecting taxes at source, w ...
Saturday, 09 June 2012
... lly, posing a huge challenge to the tax collectors to raise it back to ideal levels. At the same time, Suddle insisted that the FTO would not allow any coercive or arbitrary moves to enhance the tax-t ...
Thursday, 19 April 2012
...  products whose prices are regulated by government. However, it has also been duly clarified in the Sales Tax Special Procedures Rules, 2007 to remove ambiguity, if any, among the tax collectors as ...
Tuesday, 21 February 2012
20. Combating tax evasion and money laundering
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... paying nothing under State patronage and in connivance with their friends in the tax machinery.The unholy alliance between tax evaders and corrupt tax collectors has to be eliminated as a first and ...
Friday, 17 February 2012
21. FBR embarks on 2012-13 budget exercise
(Highlights/Business News)
... LTUs/RTOs would submit taxation proposals for 2012-13 for tax policy formulation, covering direct taxes, sales tax and federal excise duty (FED). The tax collectors would present their proposals based ...
Thursday, 16 February 2012
22. Fiscal deficit
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... ibute about 80% in total tax revenues. The tax evaders in connivance with unscrupulous tax collectors pocket billions taken from the citizens as sales tax but never deposited in the government tr ...
Friday, 03 February 2012
23. SC asks tax ombudsman, NAB, FBR to jointly probe container scam
(From International Desk/Special Reports)
... chairman to send his officers on deputation to the NAB to expedite the process and observed that the court`s only interest was to get the public money recovered. In a related development, two deputy collectors ...
Wednesday, 21 December 2011
... which has been lingering for over a year may now come to its logical conclusion. The delegation is headed by FBR Chairman Salman Siddique and includes Collectors PaCCS, Nisar Ahmad and Shaukat Ali. ...
Thursday, 15 September 2011
25. ATT cargoes: Physical inspection
(Highlights/Business News)
... by Karachi and Bin Qasim ports during departure. Sources said the FBR was in favour to put the responsibility of issuing cross border certificate on the shoulders of collectors, who are performing ...
Monday, 12 September 2011
...  containers which have already arrived at Karachi port up to September 10, 2011. Sources told Business Recorder here on Sunday that the FBR has issued instructions to Collectors of Model Customs Collectorates, ...
Monday, 12 September 2011
... and assemblies imported in any kit form, by six assemblers/manufacturers of motorcycles and auto-rickshaws. Sources told Business Recorder here on Monday that the FBR has issued instructions to all Collectors ...
Tuesday, 06 September 2011
... concerned Collectors of Customs for clearance of the containers comprising of perishable goods on fast track basis. All the containers containing perishable goods have been cleared by the Pakistani customs ...
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
29. Realism, what s that?
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... the bhatta collectors, or somebody else? SBP s latest Monetary Policy Statement too reflected misplaced hopes the most amazing of them being the hope that in FY12, inflation will range between 12 and ...
Tuesday, 09 August 2011
30. Karachi bleeds again
(Weekly Updates/Editor's Pick)
... land mafia, the bhatta collectors, the unsavoury criminals are all engaged in violence, though there is a difference of opinion as to which political party is protecting them. HRCP in a statement noted ...
Wednesday, 03 August 2011

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