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1. LSM grows 2.5pc
(Highlights/Business News)
... recorded. Major contribution towards positive growth in LSM performance in January 2014 was from textile 0.71pc, food and beverages 9.62pc, fertilisers 5.74pc, iron and steel products 17.38pc, chemicals ...
Tuesday, 18 March 2014
2. Market potential for Kinnow in Europe
(Highlights/Business News)
... e farmers, processors and exporters to attain global certifications. This drive needs to be intensified, and farmer awareness programmes, especially those on use of fertilisers ...
Monday, 24 February 2014
3. ADB provides $1.7bn for trade financing
(Highlights/Business News)
... all- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the import of a variety of goods including capital machinery, food stuff, steel, fertilisers, telecom equipment, and sewing machines.  ...
Thursday, 06 February 2014
...  Malik Shakir Awan, recommended to the government to save growers from losses due to high rates of fertilisers, electricity and diesel, and to give subsidy to them as being given in neighbouring cou ...
Thursday, 16 January 2014
5. Large-scale sector expands 5.7pc
(Highlights/Business News)
... leather products 14.39pc, chemicals 3.51pc, pharmaceuticals 0.42pc and fertilisers 41.09pc. Last year, the LSM sector, which accounts for 70pc of industrial production, recorded a positive growth of ...
Saturday, 28 December 2013
6. Manufacturing grows 4.3pc in FY13
(Highlights/Business News)
...  included fertilisers (4.02pc), electronics (5.295pc), wood products (8.41pc), engineering products (15.55pc), automobiles (12.46pc) and chemicals (0.52pc). Meanwhile, the industrial growth durin ...
Monday, 19 August 2013
7. KSE index up by 135 points on retail buying
(Highlights/Business News)
Tuesday, 16 July 2013
8. Output grew only in industrial sector
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
9. GST hike imminent?
(Highlights/Business News)
... s of the printed retail price on fertilisers; bottled water; batteries; chocolates, toffees and candies; bleaches; syrups and squashes; biscuits and confectionary; coffee; paint, varnishes, gums an ...
Thursday, 23 May 2013
10. Cotton target missed by 1.08 million bales
(Commodities/Commodity News)
... by this forecast and hence a decrease in sown area. "Rising cost of production followed by higher prices of agricultural inputs such as diesel, fertilisers and pesticides are other factors resulting in ...
Saturday, 04 May 2013
11. Pakistan's Energy Problem & Solution
(Economic Updates/Economic Fundamentals)
... whole economy depends on the uninterrupted supply of power. Second priority should be industry, like fertilisers and textiles because these industries create jobs, support agriculture and result in exports ...
Tuesday, 30 April 2013
12. Inland subsidy for export of sugar
(Highlights/Business News)
... purchasing power to feed the next sugarcane crop with seed and timely fertilisers. We, therefore, request for the continuation of ECC decision that was taken in the national interest to ensure timely ...
Saturday, 27 April 2013
13. POL imports fall slightly in nine months
(Economic Updates/Pak Major Financial News)
...  to $592 million and agricultural machinery by 13.2 percent to $82.1 million over the corresponding period last year. Manufactured fertilisers imports dipped by 53.6 percent to $494.6 million, pla ...
Saturday, 20 April 2013
... mports of manufactured fertilisers dipped by 52 percent to $491.5 million, plastic materials by 10.4 percent to $921.36 million, insecticides by 54.6 percent to $47.33 million, while import of ...
Friday, 22 March 2013
15. Pakistan's economy - I
(Economic Updates/Exclusive Articles)
... industry, the Punjab government under PPP invested in several sugar and textile mills. Including the large and not very economic steel mill and other investments in cement, fertilisers, and heavy industries, ...
Wednesday, 06 March 2013
... l agri sector and take appropriate measures for its development to increase crops yields, which was possible only through application of fertilisers in right quantity at right time. The decline  ...
Friday, 01 February 2013
17. KSE-100 index dives by over 500 points
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 16 January 2013
18. Pak trade performance almost stagnant
(Highlights/Business News)
Tuesday, 01 January 2013
... of petroleum products declined by 1.47 percent to $4.166 billion, while crude petroleum imports were up by 9.92 percent to $2.28 billion. The imports of manufactured fertilisers was down by 46.8 percent ...
Friday, 21 December 2012
... tractors, trucks, motorcycles, earthmovers, fertilisers, machinery and mineral products, chemicals, metals, textiles, metal-cutting machine tools and synthetic fibres can be exported to Pakistan due to ...
Friday, 21 December 2012
Saturday, 15 December 2012
22. CNG dealers defend profit margins
(Highlights/Business News)
... s618.55 per MMBTU for natural gas, while the fertilisers, independent power producers and industrial sectors were provided gas at Rs116.27, Rs460 and Rs460 per MMBTU, respectively. According to  ...
Tuesday, 04 December 2012
23. NA committee to take up tax issue with govt
(Highlights/Business News)
... 9 for the power sector. As a result, the total cost of gas for CNG was Rs 55.42 per kg, for fertilisers Rs 13.59, for IPPs Rs35.18 and for other industries Rs32.09, he said. Mr Paracha claimed that t ...
Tuesday, 04 December 2012
... acceptable and anti-masses move, he added. Butt further said that the government should extend subsidy to small farmers on fertilisers, pesticide, urea, and other agriculture outputs instead of creating ...
Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Wednesday, 21 November 2012
26. Promising indicators
(Highlights/Business News)
... vel with a nominal 0.2 per cent decline but fertilisers output fell drastically. Overall output of steel products declined 20 per cent but that of hot and cold rolled iron shee ...
Tuesday, 30 October 2012
Thursday, 27 September 2012
28. Improved outlook for cotton
(Commodities/Commodity News)
... chase, increasing the price a bit in the market. Should that happen, the farmers would have financial cushion for buying/using fertilisers and, in the process, add a few hundred thous ...
Monday, 24 September 2012
... g business and adversely affecting the industrial, manufacturing and agriculture sectors as Pakistan has to import fertilisers, food items, oil, machinery and industrial raw material. Moreover, Shei ...
Wednesday, 29 August 2012
30. Tajikistan to import wheat, rice, corn from Pakistan
(Economic Updates/Pak Major Financial News)
Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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