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1. Revenue collection up 27pc in Feb
(Highlights/Business News)
ISLAMABAD: Revenue collection rose by 27 per cent year-on-year to Rs181.906 billion in February, backed up by regulatory duties on several hundred items and hike in sales tax on petroleum products. ...
Saturday, 28 February 2015
2. ECC approves Rs1.6 billion Ramazan package
(Highlights/Business News)
ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet approved on Thursday a relief package of Rs1.624 billion for providing subsidy on various food items and other edibles during ...
Friday, 18 April 2014
Saturday, 12 April 2014
4. Food companies add value to exports
(Highlights/Business News)
A lot is happening across the spectrum of food business. Output and local sales of food items are growing, boosting profits of companies. Besides, food export earnings are up and import bills down, ...
Monday, 07 April 2014
... Khan had made a conditional offer for granting MFN status to India in January, and had sought access for 250 to 300 items at lowered duties. At the time of the MFN offer, the commerce ministry has ...
Tuesday, 18 March 2014
Wednesday, 12 March 2014
7. Rupee continues to rise against dollar
(Highlights/Business News)
... foreign currency account holders to further sell their dollars to avoid losses. Experts say that if the rupee stabilises to a certain extent, the prices of food items would decrease. Finance Minister ...
Tuesday, 11 March 2014
8. Privatisation needs a second thought
(Highlights/Business News)
... al order as well as its sovereignty, especially when shareholders in strategic organisations, such as those in communications, and producers of essential items are foreigners. A vital  ...
Monday, 24 February 2014
9. Radical change in export regime to Kabul
(Highlights/Business News)
... . Through another notification (SRO59), the government has allowed import of pet-coke (not calcined) from India via Wagha border. Currently, the total number of items importable from India via la ...
Thursday, 06 February 2014
10. Grappling with food inflation
(Highlights/Business News)
Monday, 27 January 2014
11. Consumer financing rekindled
(Highlights/Business News)
...  washing machines and other consumer items. Consumer financing, after having grown too fast till 2008, became stagnant, and even turned negative between 2008 and 2011, because of low econom ...
Monday, 20 January 2014
12. Trade issues discussed with India
(Highlights/Business News)
... lance 1,209 products from its current negative list of items importable from India, The Economic Times said. It said that Pakistan would also reduce SAFTA sensitive list for India to 100 tariff ...
Thursday, 16 January 2014
13. Potato export outlook
(Highlights/Business News)
Monday, 06 January 2014
14. Govt finalises SRO withdrawal plan
(Highlights/Business News)
Saturday, 28 December 2013
15. Large-scale sector expands 5.7pc
(Highlights/Business News)
ISLAMABAD: Large-scale manufacturing (LSM) posted a growth of 5.7 per cent in July-Oct 2013 from a year ago. The growth in LSM was mainly driven by 10 categories of items during the period under ...
Saturday, 28 December 2013
16. Food security major issue for Sindh
(Highlights/Business News)
... dh Food Security Task Force. Other recommendations suggested maintaining stability in prices of food items, women empowerment, increasing grain storage facilities, farmers markets and creatin ...
Wednesday, 30 October 2013
17. SPI shows marginal increase
(Highlights/Business News)
... two to three weeks in these products. SPI monitors prices of 53 items based on the survey of 17 cities and 53 markets. The impact of prices on various income groups also witnessed variations during ...
Saturday, 26 October 2013
18. Textile, clothing exports rise
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 23 October 2013
19. Business slams 6-day Eid break
(Highlights/Business News)
Saturday, 19 October 2013
20. Manufacturing grows 4.3pc in FY13
(Highlights/Business News)
...  items that witnessed growth during FY13 included textile (1.61pc), food beverages and tobacco (9.30pc), coke and petroleum products (16.18pc), paper and board (18.40pc), rubber products (11.79pc) ...
Monday, 19 August 2013
21. Sindh sets Rs3,450 wheat price for 100kg
(Highlights/Business News)
... on low prices to the consumers. CM further directed the authorities to take steps to control on inflation of food items. CM also directed the officials of the food department to take steps to save the ...
Saturday, 17 August 2013
(Highlights/Business News)
Thursday, 15 August 2013
Wednesday, 07 August 2013
24. Inflation jumps to 8.3 percent in July
(Highlights/Business News)
...  2003, it was recorded at the lowest level of 1.4 percent. CPI is a basket of goods that covers the retail prices of 374 items in 35 major cities. Meanwhile, the wholesale price index (WPI) on a year- ...
Friday, 02 August 2013
25. New visa regime with Brazil
(Highlights/Business News)
Thursday, 01 August 2013
26. CM for US investment in energy sector
(Highlights/Business News)
...  Authority has been set up for checking the edible items and substandard soft drinks and its scope is being further extended. Shahbaz Sharif said that those making adulteration in eatable items deserv ...
Thursday, 01 August 2013
Tuesday, 30 July 2013
28. No relief in Sasta Ramazan Bazaars
(Highlights/Business News)
...  Ramazan Bazaars were established in District Rawalpindi out of which eight Bazaars were set up in Rawalpindi City and Cantonment areas of Rawalpindi. Though most of the kitchen items are availabl ...
Monday, 29 July 2013
29. Weekly inflation rises
(Highlights/Business News)
Saturday, 27 July 2013
... o decline nominally after the revision of FED rate by nearly Rs 2/kg approximately. Vegetable ghee/cooking oil are heavily taxed items and account for nearly 35 percent of retail price. Revision of F ...
Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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