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... sed, or at least run more similar to KESC, the problem is likely to be isolated to only the worst areas, incentivising people to either move away from those areas, or else report their neighbours inv ...
Monday, 03 June 2013
Friday, 31 May 2013
33. ( LSE ) Lahore Stock Exchange
(Highlights/Business News)
The Lahore Stock Exchange underwent a minor correction after nine days of constant bullish run, shedding nine points in the LSE-25 index to close at 4,458 points as the trading volume also nosedived ...
Friday, 24 May 2013
34. Foodstuffs, oil import bill falls
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 22 May 2013
(Highlights/Business News)
Tuesday, 21 May 2013
36. ZHV Securities TREC forfeited
(Highlights/Business News)
Wednesday, 15 May 2013
... tumbled to a 2 1/2-month low, which some traders speculate may have prompted investors to make up for the losses by taking profits elsewhere. Also putting a brake on yen-selling is a spike in Japanese ...
Tuesday, 14 May 2013
38. CPI-based inflation falls to 5.8 per cent
(Highlights/Business News)
...  price of tea increased by 2.53 per cent, fish price surged by 1.73 per cent, sugar price increased by 1.70 per cent, pulse masoor price enhanced by 1.37 per cent, in April 2013 as compared to March. Similarly ...
Friday, 03 May 2013
39. SAFE holds third Pakistan IPO Summit 2013
(Highlights/Business News)
... ion of Pakistan (SECP) as lead patron and in collaboration with all the capital market institutions of the country like Karachi Stock Exchange Limited (KSE), Lahore Stock Exchange Limited (LSE), Nati ...
Tuesday, 30 April 2013
(Commodities/Commodity News)
... ts went up by 4.40 per cent, fruits exports enhanced by 6.47 per cent, vegetables exports increased by 60.94 per cent, pulses exports reduced by 50 per cent, tobacco exports reduced by 23.06 per ce ...
Saturday, 20 April 2013
41. Weekly inflation decreases 0.54pc
(Highlights/Business News)
...  The items which registered decrease in their prices during the week under review included onions, egg hen (farm), wheat, LPG (11 kg cylinder), gram pulse (washed), chicken live (farm), wheat flour (bag) ...
Saturday, 20 April 2013
42. Interim economic team
(Weekly Updates/Editor's Pick)
... or else face disconnection and to reduce the transmission losses that were well above the regional average. Widely known as 'Dr No' Dr Masood sets a good example of how a senior civil servant should ...
Friday, 19 April 2013
The slow start of exports from South America's new soyabean crop in March and April may compel China to buy more US soyabeans in coming weeks, Hamburg-based oilseeds analysts Oil World said on Tuesday. "Insufficient ...
Wednesday, 17 April 2013
44. FC offers to hold courses for LSE, LCCI
(Highlights/Business News)
Saturday, 13 April 2013

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