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Weekly Updates - Forex Weekly Report

Rupee/US Dollar
The rising trend of rupee continued and the national currency once again took over the green back in the open market dealings this week. The dollar started trading at Rs. 60/18 which was its highest price versus the rupee this week. However, the national currency continued to push the dollar back through out and changed hands at Rs.60/05 on Thursday. The lowest price of dollar rerecorded stood at Rs.60/05. However, greenback recovered some grounds by changing hands at Rs.60/10 on Saturday. Overall, the local currency accumulated grounds versus the dollar by changing hands from Rs. 60/18 to Rs. 60/10. Thus, the rupee registered a gain of 0/08 paisa in the kerb this week.

Rupee/Pound Sterling
The cable also showed both the rising and declining trends versus the rupee this week. Pound Sterling kicked off the new week’s trading at Rs.107/65 and kept rising till Friday by changing hands Rs. 107/90. However, the rupee showed some resistance and dragged down the cable at Rs.107/60 at the close of markets. Overall, the national currency recorded 0/05 paisa on the desks versus pound sterling by changing hands from Rs.107/65 to Rs.107/60.

Euro showed both upward and downward trends in the kerb this week. The single currency opened the new weeks’ trading at Rs.73/00 and continued to record gains on the desks. Euro accumulated 0/10 paisa against rupee on Tuesday but lost them on Wednesday. Euro took rising path on Thursday again when it recorded 0/55 paisa against the local currency by changing hands from Rs.73/00 to Rs.73/55. The single currency added another 0/10 paisa on Friday by changing hands at Rs.73/65 which was also its highest price versus the local currency this week. However, the national made recovery on Saturday by dragging down the euro at Rs.73/40. Overall, the euro remained stronger versus the national currency by registering the gain of 0/40 paisa in the open market dealings this week.

Rupee/Japanese Yen
Yen witnessed a slump trend versus the national currency in the open market this week. The yen started the new week’s trading at 0/543 and changed hands at 0/541 at the close of markets. The trading turnover remained normal and no major changes in the prices were recorded therefore.



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